Developer: Mattia Ciurlino

Based In Italy

Release date: TBA

Platforms: PC



MidKnight Story is a single player action-adventure RPG that will take you through wild islands, boundless deserts, and a fully explorable steampunk city, all accompanied by a captivating story and fast-paced battle system. Throughout the adventure you will encounter fascinatingly bizarre characters, enemies to defeat, enemies to escape from, and a very particular sword…



After my graduation, I realized I wanted to delve more into game development. So I did. I spent a whole year and a half learning the basics of many general aspects of game development, such as coding, 3D animations, and Unreal Engine 4 as base engine of the game. And as I was learning the basics, the idea of MidKnight Story slowly started to surface.



  • Action

  • Story-Driven

  • Adventure

  • Real time combat

  • Exploration

  • Loot

  • Rpg



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