About MidKnight Story


About MidKnight Story


MidKnight Story is a single player action-adventure RPG that will take you through wild islands, boundless deserts, and a fully explorable steampunk city, all accompanied by a captivating story and fast-paced battle system. Throughout the adventure you will encounter fascinatingly bizarre characters, enemies to defeat, enemies to escape from, and a very particular sword…

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Paran employs a large range of abilities and strategies to help him overpower the enemies he discovers. He can approach his nemeses hidden and launch a surprise attack, or he can throw himself into battle head-on. The choice is up to the player.

Paran also needs to alternate between using his sword and pistol to best defeat each enemy. 



With the spirit of a tried-and-true scavenger, there is no cliff, palace, grotto, oasis that Paran can’t reach. In fact, the player will be able to explore the world of Numia in 360 degrees; whether a cavern deep within the oceanic abyss, or the bell tower scraping the sky over Endenheim city, the skillful player can reach every place, and perhaps find some precious treasure if they’re lucky.

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In exploring the world of Numia, and defeating the enemies he finds there, Paran earns Gears and collects ammunition, potions, and experience points. To collect these XPs, he must use the special capabilities of the sword. Like in many classic RPGs, experience points are needed to level up and improve Paran’s stats. By discovering secret places and defeating the most formidable enemies, Paran will earn rare treasures to keep in his collection.


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Paran’s adventure begins with his discovery of the sword, Durindana. The legendary sword will serve him in more than just combat against enemies, in fact it will be the very key he needs to unlock the world of MidKnight Story and to reach new levels within it. The sword will be upgradeable to unlock new abilities, such as the propeller that allows Paran to glide from place to place and reach areas previously unexplorable.